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En kille på det Brittiska forumet har postat en lista över saker som kommer inkluderas i Battlelog eller kanske kommer inkluderas.

Det mesta är bekräftat men en del är även rykten samt spekulationer, i översikten som LafiePersona har gjort kan vi enkelt skilja på sakerna med enkla färgkoder.

Här nedan kan ni se vad LafiePersona har listat.

Green: confirmed by either EA/DICE or strong evidence from screenshots/website source.
Yellow: unconfirmed, but very likely, given current evidence.
Red: unconfirmed, and pure speculation.

Battlelog Features:

  • Landing page: initial page after login with either overview of personal progress or instructions on how to use Battlelog (can be skipped at login).
  • Home page:
    • Information on progress in singleplayer and co-op campaign.
    • Buttons to launch BF3 and resume campaign, start co-op with a friend or quickjoin a multiplayer server (PC only, requires webplugin, see technology section).
    • Information on multiplayer progress of current active soldier (player can have multiple soldiers).
    • Friends Battle Feed: Twitter/Facebook like message feed with messages from friends, posted in Battlelog (also progress updates from friends).
    • Home page is the same as Landing page.
  • News page: official news from EA/DICE.
  • Forums
  • Server Browser (PC only):
    • Browse, History and Favourites sections.
    • Quick match, with filter options (automatically join a multiplayer server).
    • Permalink for individual servers (so you can give friends a Battlelog link to the server you’re playing on).
    • Ranked, PunkBuster and Hardcore icons for each server.
    • Ping/Latency for each server.
    • Drop Zone: invite friends to the server.
  • Com Center:
    • Friends list (Origin friends on PC), with status (online/ingame/etc.).
    • Chat with friends.
    • Groupchat.
    • Group voicechat (requires webplugin).
    • Drag friend to group voicechat to invite.
    • (Un)Lock (voice)chat group.
    • Join friend’s multiplayer server directly (requires webplugin).
  • Profile overview page:
    • Write messages that show up on friend’s Battle Feed.
  • Personal statistics page:
    • Detailed statistics and (multiplayer) progress information.
    • Stats for player’s soldiers recorded separately.
  • (Origin) player profile page:
    • Information on player’s friends, soldiers (for both BF3 and BC2) and popular servers.
    • Veteran status.
    • Button to join player’s groupchat.
  • The ability to create platoons with friends(platoon = clan).

Battlelog Technology:

  • Battlelog is a webservice at http://battlelog.battlefield.com/
  • Some or most features of Battlelog can be accessed ingame as well (on ALL platforms).
    • Ingame Battlelog features will replace native features, meaning you will for instance be using Battlelog voice chat or the Battlelog serverbrowser ingame.
  • Battlelog can deny players access if the service is overloaded, in which case new players are placed in a queue and will have to wait their turn to access Battlelog (only applies to the Battlelog webservice, and not the Battlelog service ingame).
  • Battlelog webservice requires a webplugin for VOIP (voice chat) and direct game launching, but not for text chat:
    • VOIP (and chat) services provided by ESN ( http://esn.me/ ).
    • Ingame VOIP services also provided by ESN.
    • Webplugin does NOT support Firefox (version 3.4 and below), Opera (all versions) and Internet Explorer (all versions).
    • Webplugin only supports Windows OS.
    • On browsers that don’t support the webplugin, Battlelog can still be viewed. The only limitations are that voice chat and directly launching BF3 from Battlelog will not be possible.
  • There will be a mobile version of Battlelog, with better viewing on mobile devices.


Källa: EA’s UK forum


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