Battleloguppdatering – 28 November 2013

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Under förmiddagen låg Battlelog nere för en skvätt schemalagt underhåll. Mestadels har det donats inför China Rising, som släpps för Premium-folk den 3 december. Utöver det fungerar nu ’Live Scoreboard’ som den skall och det har finslipats ytterligare på användarvänligheten, såväl som bankats bort en bugg eller tre.

Battlelog Update, Nov 28th 2013

– Added support for China Rising content (being released for Premium users on December 3rd)
– Live Scoreboard has now been re-enabled for PC servers – we will be rolling it out slowly for console servers soon.
– BattleScreen has been temporarily disabled in the Battlelog tablet app for Xbox One – the Smartglass app can be used in the meantime.
– We will be retiring the Group Chat VOIP on Battlelog.com from February 28th, 2014 – notice message is now present in group chats.

– Added Air Superiority to the Play Now tab in multiplayer.
– Added support for Air Superiority Battle Reports and Live Scoreboard
– Bigger item images are now shown for weapons and vehicles on the stats and unlocks pages.
– Added expansion pack icons to Loadout.
– Added an info panel to Loadout to show additional attributes for the selected item.
– Join as Commander button on tablet is now disabled if there’s no free Commander slots.
– It is now possible to track Battlepacks from the Battlepacks page.
– The invisible mode setting is now permanently stored, so it won’t ever reset.
– When quickmatching in Tablet Commander, the amount of Commanders on the found server no longer includes yourself.
– Expansion pack icons remain visible in Assignments, even if you have access to the expansion pack.
– Popup windows in the tablet app are now scrollable to be compatible with any screensize.
– Various minor improvements

– Better handling when setting custom region in the Server Browser filter, so it now works as intended.
– Fixed an issue in BattleScreen, where enemy indicators were looking in the opposite direction.
– Fixed an issue where an error message was displayed, when launching BattleScreen in Smartglass on compatible devices.
– When trying to access BattleScreen on web for Xbox One, the correct info popup is now shown.
– Better handling when joining as Commander on tablet, and the Commander slots fill up on the server.
– Fixed an issue where the plugin installation guide couldn’t always be closed.
– Better error handling in Loadout.
– Fixed an issue where you can add more emblem layers than allowed.
– Moved service star counter to the right to not overlap with the expansion pack icon.
– No longer possible to track already unlocked vehicle accessories.
– Removed an empty ”Misc” category on the Assignments page.
– Fixed an issue where news post comments got a negative Hooah! value if a sub-comment had been hidden.
– Now properly checks the Premium entitlement for Xbox One users.
– Fixed an issue where the default avatar wouldn’t show in the in-game notifications.
– Fixed an issue that prevented the ”away” state to kick in in the Com Center.
– Fixed an issue that prevented the ”Use system language” setting in the tablet app from working.
– Various fixes for the Tablet Commander menu pages.
– Various fixes for BattleScreen in the Smartglass app.
– Various minor fixes

  • Battlelog Update, Nov 28th 2013
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