BFBC2 Vietnam Del 6: Eldkastare

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För första gången i ett Battlefieldspel så får vi se en eldkastare. Titta på klippet längst ner och njut!

This time-typical weapon used in the Vietnam War [and in our 2004 World War II mod for Battlefield Vietnam — Editor’s note] actually changes the way you play the game. Say you are hiding in the tunnel leading to M-COM station B on Hill 137.  One way to keep the attackers out is by firing your flame-thrower out of the tunnel in a preventive manner. Any enemy going near will catch on fire and get other things to worry about than arming your M-COM …

Enemy repellent.

… Which neatly segways into how the flame-thrower affects enemies. Apart from taking taking damage directly by the fire, anyone caught in the blast starts burning health at a steady pace. There are however a number of ways to stop this gradual death from happening. One is using a medkit that you or a friendly medic has administered. Another way is running to the nearest source of water, which also will stop the fire.

I can has tank flame now?

As our playtests rage on here at the DICE office, it’s clear how much the flame-thrower gives to this expansion in terms of style and sheer aggressiveness. Check out the trailer below for more fire-based action, and remember to come back next Friday for even more info and screens from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam.

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