Dagens MEGAvideo: Sands Of Fire 43min lång

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Dagens Video är något utöver det vanliga, för er som spelat Battlefield 2 så kanske ni kommer ihåg när dessa killar startade projektet.

Filmen har tagit 6år att genomföra, japp ni läste rätt 6 ÅR den är dessutom hela 43 minuter lång. Ni kommer förstå varför det tog 6år att genomföra denna när ni ser kvalitén och tiden man lagt ner på manuskript etc.

Här är ett utdrag från deras hemsida

The movie is 43mins in length, weights 2,5gb and is encoded in MP4 format. This time however, no subs are included.

While downloading, we would like to take the opportunity to say a few words and to thank everyone that has been involved in this project one way or another. Especially all the members of our former BF clan [LRRP]. Two big thumbs go up for their hard work and perseverance. Without their support, this Machinima would never have been possible. So once again, thank you guys, you’re the best, all of you!

Furthermore, we would like to thank all the BF communities that have been following us from the start. It hasn’t been an easy journey, the movie has been postponed many times, but in the end, you all sticked with us, and that earns our deepest respect! So thank you for making this journey with us.

And without getting too sentimental, we would like to thank YOU! All the hardcore fans that have been with us since, well probably, the early days. The day that we released The Fallen One, almost 7 years ago. Many of you were probably still young on first hearing about SoF. I guess most of you turned from boys into men, started families, having kids, doing more important things in life besides gaming. We know you guys had to go through a lot during this production, speculations about whether this movie would eventually be released or not. But here we are, many years have passed and we survived. For all of you that are still with us, after all these years, thanks for not giving up on us. We made it, you made it and we’re ready to celebrate this release with all of you! And to all the new fans out there, welcome to the wonderful world of Machinima, a medium that’s slowly fading away.

Ni kan ladda ner filmen från skaparnas hemsida om ni vill ha lite högre kvalité, gå HIT för att se länkarna

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