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Borta på Battlefield Heroes hemsida anordnar man en Jeep turnering. Det hela går helt enkelt ut på att slå ut motståndarens Jeep utan att lämna fordonet.


Scheduling your match:
– All matches should be played during the match week they are scheduled for.
– Agree with your opponent on a time/date when your game will be played. A usefull and easy-to-use time announcer: Click
– Agree with your opponent on which server the match will be played. If you can’t find a server, contact me.
– If you don’t know how to contact your opponent, head over to the next post and PM the leader of the group!
– It is allowed to play all your 4 group matches in the first week, but I do not recommend it.

At the start of the match:
– Be aware of the rules.
– Check your equipment bar for unallowed weapons/widgets.
– Only Soldiers are allowed.
– Each team plays with 4 soldiers.
– All weapons are allowed. (except Pirate Pistols)
– All abilities are allowed.
– All widgets are allowed. (except tonics, Festive Eggs and amassing force)

During the match:
– No glitching, bug abusing, suiciding or cheating.
– Map will be Buccanneer Bay. 50 tickets each side. Only 1 round will be played.
– Never leave your jeep! Not even when it’s up-side-down, in the water or stuck in Shipwreck. You are not allowed to blast your own jeep.
– Do not shoot at others when you’re not in a jeep.
– Do not spawnkill/baserape.
– Do not cap the ”Ship” and ”Town” flags.
– Do not cap the opponents flag.
– Play fair, if an enemy disconnects, pause the game, and continue when he’s back.
– Take a screenshot from the tickets at the end of each round (only one player needs to do this, but don’t forget it)
– Have good sportmanship and most of all fun

Hur du anmäler dig

Every team needs to create their own group called [Jeep]*YourTeamNameHere*, where all their participating teammates have to join. There’s no size limit. Once you’ve found your team, the leader of your team has to send a Private Message to iwag which should include: The Group Link, Team Name and the Continent you’re from. You can sign up till September 17th! Sign up the moment your team is complete, do not sign up when you are the only one in the group!

Your group has to meet the following requirements:
– Only players who joined this group before Saturday 17th of September are allowed to play in the tournament.
– Players may only be in 1 group.
– All players in the group need to have at least one level 25+ hero. (exceptions can be made, this is just to make sure only experienced and reliable teams sign up)
– Keep in mind that you’ll have to play both Royal and National with 4 players each match, so make sure you have enough players in your group to be able to play each week. At least 4, I recommend more.

The tournament will start as a groupstage, here you’ll have to beat the other teams in your group to reach the knock-outs. Depending on how many teams sign up, we will decide how many teams will reach the knock-outs.

It does not matter from what part of the world you are, as long as you want to have fun, you may sign up. Teams from the same continent will most likely be put in one group. Knock-outs will be played on European servers.

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