G3 Assault Rifle

Known as a “Battle Rifle” because of its 7.62mm round and heavy frame, this German weapon is capable of fully automatic fire at a rate of 600 rounds per minute. The low-capacity 20-round magazine is offset by the incredible stopping power of the 7.62mm round.

WWII M1A1 Thompson

The new installment of the tommy gun, this 30-round fully automatic submachine gun was adopted by the U.S. Army and the Allies in WWII. It possesses a .45 caliber stopping power complemented by firing capacity of 600 rounds per minute and a notably mobile frame.

M14 MOD 0 Enhanced Rifle

A modified version of the M14, this 20-round, semi-automatic battle rifle represents a weapon tailored for carrying out designated marksman roles, augmented by the capability of a telescoping stock that aids in long-range combat.

WWII M1 Garand

The father of the M14 assault rifle, the WWII M1 Garand was inaugural standard issue semi-automatic rifle utilized by the U.S. Army in WWII. This weapon is fully valued due to its awesome power and accuracy from long range.

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