Ammo Box

Filled with various calibers of ammunition, this bullet box is deployed functioning as an ammo point, enabling soldiers to re-load and re-stock their ammo supply

40mm Grenade Launcher

Under-barrel 40mm grenade launcher capable of delivering HE-FRAG (High Explosive-Fragmentation) up to ranges of 150 to 400 meters.  It’s ideal against anti-personnel and soft-skinned vehicles. It functions well as a force multiplier.

40mm Smoke Grenade Launcher

Used to provide smoke screens during tactical movement over ground covered by enemy fire. Maximum obscurity is achieved at point of impact and dissipates thereafter. Alternatively, smoke grenades are used to mark a target when identifying enemy positions becomes difficult.

40mm Shotgun Attachment

A 40mm Shotgun round consisting of 12 tungsten darts. Its effects are devastating at short range. Although it is considered a multi purpose round, it is most effective in close quarters during urban operations.


Repair Tool

This power tool was developed by armed forces as a safety valve to enable engineers to make swift and efficient repairs to damaged front line vehicles without risking further assault by sending them back to the rear.

Anti-Tank Mine

Proximity Anti-Tank Mine capable of being grouped in multiples to meet various armor thread levels. It incorporates a IFF Recognition system.


Russian 85mm Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher used against armor, fortifications and personnel.  It is compatible with “Tracer Dart” aiming systems to increase first round hit probability.

M2 Carl Gustav AT

Swedish designed 84mm man-portable Recoilless Rifle. Ideal for “bunker busting” and anti-personnel applications, the “Carl G” is less suited against armor where other more modern weapon systems excel. It is also tracer dart ready for increased first hit accuracy.

M136 AT4

Swedish made disposable 84mm anti-tank missile that is well balanced at neutralizing armor and fortified positions. It has been modified with a “guidance tracking system” that assists the warhead in homing in on the target engaged. It is not compatible with “tracer dart” aiming facilitators.


Medic Kit

Stocked with the latest advancements in modern medicine, this portable medical bag is deployed to aid severely injured soldiers trapped in a hot spot.  Limited contents are off set by a high potency level allowing for rapid healing.

Defibrillator Paddles

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) – capable of resuscitating victims in a state of cardiac arrest.  Administration must be done within seconds of arrest. It is inadvisable to use it on healthy individuals or as a form of “entertainment”.


Motion Sensor

An integral tool for scouting and collecting real time intelligence, this portable high tech device is designed for sensing even the slightest twitch of movement alerting an owner when an enemy has breached the premises on foot, or by vehicle.

Mortar Strike

a fully automated indirect-fire Weapons System. It can target, direct, and ajust firing solutions from a 120mm mortars. It acts as a force multiplier for small units that do not have heavy weapons support.

C4 Plastic Explosives

DTN-4 (Plastic Explosives). A C-4 charge safely and easily transported, but once armed, it is susceptible to detonation if handled improperly. It can be attached to most surfaces for easy rigging and setup. An added feature is the ability to be remotely triggered by the operator (command detonation).

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Combat Knife

Ideal for close quarters where the “continuum of force” has been isolated to hand to hand combat.  For optimum performance, the leading edge should be applied to the enemy and thrust into vital areas.  This should be repeated as necessary.

Hand Grenade

Fragmentation Grenades having a large “casualty radius”. It is ideal for urban operations and close quarters combat. It allows infantry to engage targets with in-direct fire.

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