AEK 970 Assault Rifle

Description: The Russian Army’s gold standard, the AEK-971 Assault Rifle was designed to enable shooters to maintain accuracy during a high rate of fire.

Field Notes: The AEK is the people’s champ. It is unlocked right out of the box and is every soldier’s standard issue Assault Rifle.  It is very accurate when firing in burst. However, it has one nasty recoil when firing at fully automatic.   It shouldn’t take you long to score a enough points to unlock the XM8. When in doubt, use your grenade launcher attachment to engage targets behind cover.

XM8 Prototype Assault Rifle

Description: An experimental US military project, the XM8 P fully automatic rifle was created with a unique versatility, allowing the operator to perform quick repairs and barrel changes in a hot spot.

Field Notes: The XM8 is one of our favorite assault rifles in the game thanks to it’s well-rounded performance.  It’s significantly improves upon the AEK in the Damage and Accuracy department.  It also has a lower fire rate than the AEK, making it less susceptible to recoil. Adding the Red Dot Scope and firing in bursts is highly recommended. Even after you unlock all the other guns, you will still find yourself going back go the XM8 every now and again.

F2000 Assault Rifle

Description: This fully automatic Belgian assault rifle features a bullpup layout and offers a selection of modifications ranging from scopes to grenade launcher attachments, enabling it to be tailored for any given mission or tactical situation.

Field Notes: The F2000 is the fastest firing assault rifle in Bad Company 2. Where it excels in Fire Rate, it lacks in Damage and Accuracy.  The F2000 is ideal for close quarter battles and clearing out M-COM stations or various buildings.  We usually use the Magnum Ammunition Spec, in combination with this gun, to make up for it’s low Damage rating.  The F2000 is best deployed when you are guarding MCOM’s or defending flags. Firing this gun in burst helps somewhat, but we still have a hard time bringing down enemies from afar.  It’s lightweight and compact, allowing your soldier to move a bit faster while sprinting.

STG .77 Assault Rifle

Description: Possessing a high level of performance and durability, the Austrian-made fully automatic AUG bullpup assault rifle is boosted by stellar mobility, making it ideal for combat in close quarters and built-up areas.

Field Notes: The AUG is very similar to the F2000, but with much better performance especially when it comes to stopping power. Its fire rate is also a bit slower, but you will find that the AUG can engage targets at long range via burst fire better than the F2000.  It’s a ok gun, but most players will probably find something better suited for all around performance. Like the F2000, the AUG is best deployed while guarding MCOM’s or Capture Points.

AN94 Abakan Assault Rifle

Description: This rifle is capable of putting a two-round burst on target from 100 meters.  It substantially increases lethality, stopping power and armor penetration, making it a weapon of choice for the Russian Special Forces.

Field Notes: The AN-94 is really one of the best Assault Rifles in Bad Company 2. It is a accurate burst fire weapon much like the M16.  It does incredible damage especially when equipped with the Magnum Ammunition Spec. The rifle’s 2-round burst minimizes recoil while conserving ammo at the same time. It can drop most opponents with 2 burst. Aim for the head with this weapon and you’ll drop many enemies with just one shot.  Equipping the 4x scope turns this rifle into a long range gun. This is one of the best rifles in Bad Company 2, and it’s performance will hold you off until you unlock the M16.

M416 Assault Rifle

Description: A German creation, the M416 assault rifle was built as a solution to the M4/M16 outdated weapons systems. The modifications guard against malfunctions and prolong the life of parts.

Field Notes: The M416 is the most rounded assault rifle in Bad Company 2. It’s very easy to control and has decent mobility.  Burst firing with the M416 can turn this weapon into a semi-long range deadly force.  The M416 also has one of the fastest reload times of any Assault Rifle.  This is by far, the best automatic assault rifle in Bad Company 2, and it will easily become one of your favorite guns in the game.  Equip the M416 with a Red Dot, and the Magnum Ammunition Spec, and your good to go.

M16A2 Assault Rifle

Description: The American-made M16A2 three-round-burst assault rifle carries a 30-round magazine and was designed to optimize ammunition conservation, shot accuracy and fire power.

Field Notes: The M16 is a 3-round burst assault rifle. It’s probably one of the most well known guns in the world.  In Bad Company 2, the M16 is the last unlock for the Assault Kit. It has slightly less damage than the AN-94 but it makes up for it by offering one more bullet during each burst.  The rifle has a low recoil and can also be hipped fired with semi accuracy. This gun is best used with the Red Dot scope and the Magnum Ammunition Spec at long to medium ranges. This rifle is not meant for close quarter battles, but can down enemies from the hip if needed.

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