9A91 Avtomat

Description: This Russian compact carbine assault rifle is designed for high-caliber ammunition inflicting lethal damage in close-quarter battles. High mobility and silence capabilities make it popular among the Russian Police.

Field Notes: The 9A-91 is the standard issue submachine gun for every Engineer, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to use. The SMG’s iron sights are hard to use, and it’s got a very short 20 round clip. However it can be rather effective in close quarters such as defending MCOM’s and CP’s. You’ll look forward to upgrading to the SCAR. It’s a bit easier to use once you unlock the Red Dot Sight, but you’ll unlock better guns by the time that happens.

Scar L Carbine Sub Machine Gun

Description: This SCAR Light model is designed for various barrel-size modifications and is compatible with a bevy of ammunition types. The rifle’s stealthy silencer and frame has made it the weapon of choice of the SOCOM Forces.

Field Notes: The SCAR-L is a welcome upgrade over the 9A-91, despite it’s almost identical performance characteristics.  This SMG benefits from a 30 round magazine requiring less reloads. The SCAR can also be fired in short burst for decent medium, to long range accuracy. Equip the Magnum Ammo spec with this gun to make up for it’s poor damage rating.  All around, it’s one of my favorite weapons.

XM8 Compact Sub Machine Gun

Description: This combat variation of the XM8 was designed in Germany for personal defense during close-quarter battles. It also boasted modularity options allowing for repair and barrel changes.

Field Notes: The XM8 has a high rate of fire with decent accuracy.  It has a much shorter barrel, negatively impacting accuracy. It has a high rate of fire which will help you out during close range battles.

AKS 74U Krinkov Assault Rifle

Description: Adopted by the Red Army, this fully automatic carbine rifle was designed primarily for use with special forces such as the airborne infantry and rear-echelon support groups because of its considerable maneuverability.

Field Notes: The AKS-74U is one of the most well rounded SMG’s the Engineer Class has at it’s disposal. It has a high rate of fire with very little recoil which makes this a attracting SMG. The weapon is extremely easy to keep on target even during full automatic fire.  It also has decent stopping power. This gun might be the best SMG in the game.

UZI Sub Machine Gun

Description: This legendary Israeli submachine gun was designed for personal defense, proving to be very effective in securing confined areas. It’s a reliable choice among countless ground forces.

Field Notes: The UZI has a blazing fast rate of fire however it trades this off for a low damage and accuracy rating.  It’s very effective at close range combat. There is nothing special about this gun, but it does offer you a alternative to the PP-2000 when choosing a fast rate gun.

PP-2000 Sub Machine Gun

Description: This modern submachine gun has the unique ability to store a 40-round magazine at the rear, where it also functions as a stock. Designed for personal defense and close-quarter combat, it is often used by SWAT.

Field Notes: This small hand-held submachine gun offers the fastest fire rate statistic on Bad Company 2. This gun is more of a automatic pistol than a SMG.  It has very good maneuverability rating as well, letting your solider duck and weave between tree’s and bush’s with ease.

UMP 45 Sub Machine Gun

Description: This German-built, 25-round, fully automatic submachine gun is noted for its versatility, optimal mobility, and silencer, making it a suitable choice for ground forces engaged in close-quarter combat.

Field Notes: If your looking for the most balanced SMG, the UMP is hard to beat. It’s very accurate with impressive stopping power, however this comes at a price.  Due to the weapons large .45 caliber rounds, only 25 rounds fit in the magazine. Always keep a eye on ammo count when using this weapon. It’s iron sights are alright, but use the Red Dot sight for maximum effectiveness. This is the final unlock for the Engineer Kit.

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