PKM Light Machine Gun

Description: Russian general-purpose machine gun adopted worldwide for it’s rugged operation and reliability. With a high rate of fire and 7.62×24mmR caliber, it provides excellent long range capability.

Field Notes: The PKM is every Medics Stand Issue Light Machine Gun. The PKM is one of the most well balanced LMG’s in Bad Company 2. It does substantial damage especially when equipped with the “Magnum Ammunition” Specialization.  Firing the PKM in burst allows for long range semi-accurate engagement. For medium to long range, equip the 4x scope to the PKM for maximum effectivemens. It does however have a long reload time, leaving your vulnerable while changing magazines. The PKM can also do tons of damage to light skinned vehicles.

M249 SAW Light Machine Gun

Description: This Belgium-made belt-fed, light machine gun is extremely reliable and easy to operate. Its high cyclic rate provides exceptional rounds on target. Serving over 43 countries, the FN Minimi is known as the M249 in the U.S. Armed Forces and has become their standard-issue squad automatic.

Field Notes: The M249 is a nice upgrade over the PKM. It features a 200 round magazine, letting you focus on combat instead of constantly reloading.  It has a impressive fire rate, firing over 800 rounds per minute.  This weapon is pretty easy to control thanks to a slightly lower recoil rating. It does lack a little bit in the damage department, but you will find it’s blistering rate of fire, a welcome upgrade over the PKM. It does have a long reload time as well, but thanks to it’’s increased magazine size, it’s not really a issue.

Type 88 Light Machine Gun

Description: New-generation 5.8mm Chinese light machine gun. Heavier than many of its competitors, the Type 88 (also known as QJY 88) is gas-operated, air-cooled fully automatic LMG with a cyclic rate of 650 rounds per minute.

Field Notes: The Type 88 is one of the most powerful LMG’s available in Bad Company 2. The Chinese made LMG is a huge weapon and slows down your mobility quite a bit. It’s got a huge damage rating, but that perk comes with consequences. The Type 88 has a harsh recoil. Fire the gun in controlled burst to maximize it’s effectiveness and stay on target. The Type 88 comes with a 100 round magazine so keep a eye on your ammo count at all times.

M60 Light Machine Gun

Description: Utilizing design elements from the WWII MG42, the M60 was introduced in 1957 and has been the workhorse of every branch of the US Military. It has gone through several modifications throughout its service life but is slowly being phased out by the M240.

Field Notes: The M60 is the most powerful LMG in Bad Company 2. It’s very accurate especially when equipped with a 4x scope. The M60 is frequently said to be OP (Over Powered) by many Battlefield gamers alike. It has a slow rate of fire and harsh recoil. The M60 is very accurate when fired in controlled burst. It has been known to out snipe, snipers on long maps like Isla Inocentes, and Port Valdez. It’s a very powerful gun if in the hands of the right person.  Simply put, the LMG is one of the most powerful guns in Bad Company 2’s Multiplayer.

XM8 LMG Light Machine Gun

Description: An LMG version of the XM8 modular assault rifle, its capable of firing 750 rounds per minute. Coupled to a dual-drum, 100-round magazine and equipped with a folding bipod and built-in scope, this LMG fills the tactical gap between assault rifles and GPMGs.

Field Notes: This is the LMG version of the XM8 Assault Rifle. The XM8 Long LMG performs almost like a Assault Rifle except it sports a 100 round magazine. It is very easy to stay on target thanks to it’s medium recoil rating.  Compared to the other LMG’s, the XM8 is a bit underpowered and has a low damage rating. We recommend equipping the “Magnum Ammunition” Specialization to offset the low damage rating. It’s one of the most versatile weapons in the game, and most will find it the easiest to use over all of the other LMG’s. It has the lowest reload time of any LMG in Bad Company 2.

MG36 Light Machine Gun

Description: A modified G36 equipped with heavier barrel, bipod and dual-drum, 100-round magazine. This LMG fills the tactical needs when a GPMG is impractical. It places added firepower into a infantry gun team when mission objectives require fast mobility.

Field Notes: The MG36 is very similar to the XM8 LMG, thanks in large part to it’s assault rifle origins. The weapons sports a slightly modified red dot sight, allowing for easy target acquisition. This will allow users who normally use their red dot, to use that slot on something more useful like “Magnum Ammunition”. It possesses decent damage output, accuracy and range making it one of the most well balanced LMG’s in Bad Company 2. It utilizes dual drum magazines that allow for a very fast reload time of 6.4 seconds.  Some users might find the red dot on the MG36 a little restricting, because it cuts off the users peripheral vision due to it’s tunnel style scope.

MG3 Light Machine Gun

Description: A modern version of the WWII MG42, the MG 3 serves over 20 countries because of its simple design and excellent battlefield performance. With 1,000 rounds per minute, the MG3 is an incredible force multiplier. It’s a testament to the original design that after 70 years, the MG 3 still proves strong.

Field Notes: The MG3 has the fastest firing rate of any LMG in Bad Company 2. Once quick burst is capable of taking down opponents from short to mid range. The MG3 can also do a number on light skinned vehicles. The MG3 is not very accurate, especially when fired from the hip. Crouch and aim down the sites while firing this gun to maximize it’s effectiveness. This gun could really benefit from the “Magnum Ammunition” Specialization due to it’s low accuracy. Be sure to watch ammo count because it will tear through the 100 round clip like a hot knife through butter. The reload time is rather long, taking 8 seconds to fully reload.

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