M24 Sniper Rifle

Description: Originally designed to use the .30-06 (thirty-aught-six) Magnum cartridge, the rifle was eventually re-chambered to use the 7.62mm NATO round. This however did not detract from the range or the stopping power, as the M24 still proves popular with sniper teams worldwide.

Field Notes: In the hands of a experience shooter, the M24 is one of the best sniper rifles available. Each Sniper rifle has it’s own bullet drop determined by it’s accuracy rating. The M24 has the most predictable drop of all sniper rifles. The M24 is a Bolt action rifle, which means you must pull away from your scope for to chamber the next round.  This is every Recon’s standard issue sniper rifle. You will find yourself going back to the M24 multiple times during your soldier’s tour, due to it’s predictable drop rate.

Type 88 Sniper Rifle

Description: The QBU-88 (or Type 88) is a new-generation Chinese semiautomatic bullpup rifle used as a marksman weapon rather than a sniper rifle. It is intended to engage targets beyond assault-rifle range. Able to employ various optics, the weapon has backup iron sights and a 10-round magazine.

Field Notes: If you can’t get used to the M24, try the Type 88. It’s semi-automatic fire allows the shooter to fire up to 10 consecutive rounds without having to back up off of the scope and chamber rounds.  This ability comes at the cost of damage and accuracy, so aim at the head and pace your shots.

SV98 Sniper Rifle

Description: An ambidextrous bolt-action rifle capable of neutralizing targets up to a range of 1,000 meters, the SV98 is designed to allow various optical system configurations. It is popular with Russian police and anti-terrorist units.

Field Notes: The SV98 is much like the M24. It has slightly less damage and accuracy, but has 10 round in it’s clip rather than the M24’s 5 clip magazine.  The SV98 also sports a arrow based scope instead of the dotted scopes of other rifles. It’s all about preference with the SV98. If you prefer it’s large magazine and it’s arrowed based scope, than this gun is for you. I hate having to constantly reload on the M24, so most of the time I use the SV98.  It still delivers a one shot one kill when hitting the target in the head.

SVU Snaiperskaya Short Sniper Rifle

Description: Sacrificing stopping power and accuracy, the bullpup design is based on the Dragonov SVD. It comes standard with a suppressor and backup iron sights. The SVU was originally designed for the Russian Airborne but was adopted by police forces for urban operations.

Field Notes: A Semi-Automatic rifle, the SVU is very similar to the Type 88 but with slightly higher damage output and improved accuracy.  The weapon is silenced which makes it attractive when infiltrating. Equipping the SVU with a Red Dot will allow you to run and gun with your squad and it makes it very effective at close range combat.  This is the best Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle in Bad Company 2 in my opinion.

GOL Sniper Magnum

Description: With outstanding accuracy and Mauser reliability, this rifle provides exceptional performance in difficult operational situations. Its extremely long range and pinpoint accuracy make it the rifle of choice with German Police agencies and counter-terrorist units.

Field Notes: The GOL is the most accurate sniper rifle in Bad Company 2. It was also voted most popular sniper rifle on our weekly polls here at  The GOL has a standard Scope, without bullet drop dots. The GOL’s bullet does not start to drop until the bullet reach’s 200 meters or more. Equip this rifle on huge long maps like Arica Harbor or Port Valdez for maximum effectiveness. We highly recommend using this rifle with the 12X Scope Specialization.  The GOL suffers from a small magazine, and slow reload time, but makes up for it in Accuracy and Damage. Simply put, this Sniper Rifle is a contender for “Best Weapon” in Bad Company 2.

VSS Snaiperskaya Special Sniper Rifle

Description: Specifically designed for special operations, the VSS is compact, silenced and chambered to use subsonic 9mm ammunition. The round differs from a standard 9mm in that it delivers more energy and penetrating capability up to a range of 400 meters.

Field Notes: This is not your standard point and shoot sniper rifle. The VSS is more of a assault rifle which will allow you to infiltrate MCOM’s and assault Capture Points along with your squad. This Rifle is not meant for long range sniping. Use the VSS to cover your team from a distance, or equip the Red Dot sight for run and gun tactics.  Always go for a head-shot to maximize damage, otherwise you may have to empty your entire magazine into a target before the finally go down. It comes with a 20 round magazine, but after a couple of battles, you may find yourself low on ammo, so stick with your squad for resupply opportunities.

M95 Sniper Rifle

Description: A bolt-action variant of the semiautomatic M82A1, the M95’s bullpup layout reduces size but maintains overall barrel length. Its primary roles are anti-material and counter-sniper operations.

Field Notes: The M95 is the Recon Kit’s Last Unlock. It’s a Huge gun with tons of power. This massive bolt-action rifle is the most powerful firearm in the game. It takes great skill and patience to make the most of it’s deadly features. Despite its huge damage rating, it still takes a head-shot to drop an opponent at full health.  However a shot to anywhere on the opponents body will severely wound him, so your squad or team can finish him off with ease. The M95 does have some drawbacks. It’s a massive gun, and being massive, it can reveal your position, especially when you go to reload and your character sticks his guns straight in the air. Conceal yourself while reloading. Attatch a 12x Scope to the M95 to fully take advantage of it’s Range attributes. It’s not as accurate as the GOL, but it’s damn close. Practice makes perfect with the M95.

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