M9 Pistol

A 9MM semi-automatic pistol that has served as the primary pistol of the U.S. military, equipped with a 15-round staggered magazine with reversible release. An optimal level of mobility accounts for considerable lack of power. Capable of being modified to support lights and other tools.

M93R Burst Machine Pistol

A modified iteration of the M9, this three-round-burst pistol engages with superb mobility and a high rate of fire, compensating for low power. Ideal for close-quarter combat and personal defense scenarios.

MP 412 REX Revolver

A six round revolver revered for its close range edge and notable magnum fire power. Its break-open frame design is a throwback to old six-shooters of the “Wild West”

MP 443 GRACH Pistol

Adopted as a sidearm for all branches of the Russian military and law enforcement, this 17-round semi-automatic pistol boasts high mobility and operations with a short recoil.

Tracer Dart Pistol

Designed to assist target acquisition, this gas-powered pistol fires magnet darts which latch onto enemy vehicles and aid in giving the selected anti-tank weapon an increased opportunity to hit the intended target.

WWII M1911 Pistol .45

A favorite sidearm among Special Forces, this seven-round semi-automatic pistol boasts a .45 caliber topping power enabling the operator to dispose of an opponent with lethal close-range fire.

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