870 Combat Shotgun

The 870 Modular Combat Shotgun is rugged, and powerful shotgun ideal in CQB (close quarter combat) where breaching and stopping power is critical. The 870 can be configured for multi-mission roles allowing various ammunition combination’s.

Neostead 2000 Combat Shotgun

A bullpup shotgun excellent for confined spaces, it features unusual design elements such as a forward-sliding cocking mechanism and an over-the-barrel tubular magazine.

Saiga 20K Semi Auto Shotgun

A Russian made 20 gauge, gas-operated, semiautomatic shotgun, similar in appearance to the AK-74. It uses a six-round box magazine for easy loading and it can be fitted with various optics. It has an excellent rate of fire and devastating stopping power

Spas 12 Combat Shotgun

Designed for police and military applications, the SPAS-12 is versatile, and reliable pump-action shotgun. It’s been in service for over 37 years and it still is a favorite among special ops.

USAS 12 Auto Shotgun

The South Korean-made USAS-12 is a gas-operated, magazine-fed shotgun capable of either semi-automatic or full-auto fire. Its bulk and weight are no deterrent when mission requirements ask for firepower and capacity.

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