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Play4free har fått en ny uppdatering med ett nytt unlocksystem och bättre matchmaking. Här under följer nyheten från Play4free i ett sammandrag.

Check out the new unlock system which brings with it new meaning to rising through the ranks. Not only will you be leveling up your hero but you will be opening up yourself to new attachments, weapons and clothing along the way.

This will likely make more difference to newer players as if you already own, or have previously rented an item it will automatically be unlocked, but if not you will need to reach the required level to take advantage of what unlocks can provide.

More and more items are unlocked as you level up… Below is an example of the notice you will receive after you unlock an item and return to the game menu and you can expect to unlock items EVERY level/

The next screenshot shows what the in game store will look like. As you can see each locked item displays the level at which it is unlock as well as a progress bar giving you a quick first glance impression letting you know how close you are to unlocking the it. Attachments also have a similar display and progress bar.

Items need to be unlocked on a per character basis so if you unlock a shotgun for your Medic you will need to unlock it again for your Engineer.

So there you have it soldiers, it’s time to buckle down and fight your way to the top, progress to getting your hand on better gear and proving you have what it takes to take the fight to the battlefield in style.

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