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Idag släpps en uppdatering till BF:Heroes med bland annat bättre matchmaking fixar för vissa ljudbuggar med mera. Ni hittar hela listan med fixar/uppdatering i nyheten nedan.

Summary of changes in the game release:
[Feature] Weapon customization v2
[Feature] New weapon upgrade supply drop grouping (Standard, Silver and Gold)
[Feature] Introduced ”Windows Error Reporting” to automate sending of crash reports to Microsoft for processing
[Feature] Player is informed when he is trying to equip the same upgrade on the same weapon the second time
[Feature] New items in the workbench are now marked as other new items
[Feature] Improved matchmaking rules

[Bug Fix] The second attempt to join a friend will not fail any more after a user cancels during the first attempt
[Bug Fix] Fixed several weapon customization description strings in Polish containing special characters
[Bug Fix] Flyby bullet sound is fixed when bullets fly near hero’s head
[Bug Fix] Fanfare emote sound is correct in the front-end now
[Bug Fix] Added Tricycle emote sound to the preview in game client
[Bug Fix] Synced upgrade lock animation with sound
[Bug Fix] Alternative fire will contribute to weapon challenges
[Bug Fix] Space helmets glow effect / oxygen bubble is visible for other players
[Bug Fix] The ”get it here” button in an empty workbench weapon section takes the user to the corresponding weapons section in the store

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